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Frequently asked questions

How old do you need to be to participate?

You must be 21 years OR OLDER to participate. ID'S WILL BE CHECKED AT REGISTRATION.

How does a Bar Crawl Work?

You show up ready to have fun with your best friends as We bring the crowd and the drink specials. You Follow Up with us at REGISTRATION and WE WILL CHECK YOUR NAME OFF THE GUEST LIST, once done we’ll get you registered with a WRISTBAND and then you'll head off to the participating bars and enjoy the crawl! It’s as simple as that.

What's included in the Bar Crawl Ticket?


Do I have to follow a specific route?

We have one check-in location, multiple additional bars, and an after party spot. After you check in, you can go to any participating venues you'd like. Stay as little or as long as you’d like. After you’ve checked in at registration (find your city under Events ON FACEBOOK TO SEE where registration is), you are free to go wherever – A free roam bar crawl to however many bars that you’d to visit that's on our participation list. We will POST ON FACEBOOK 48HRS PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE CRAWL FOR YOU, a suggested route the morning of the crawl, but all bars will be serving drink specials the whole time (unless otherwise noted on the event page).

Whats Bars / Specials are included for my City?

Participating Bars and Restaurants are listed on each event page. The pages will continue to be updated until the Day Of The Event. Please check back on the Facebook Page to see what Bars are being added next!

Do I need to print my tickets?

Our scanners are able to read your QR code on your phone as intended from the email you receive upon purchase, but if you'd like to present us a printed copy of the ticket they're also accepted. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR BRIGHTNESS IS TURNED UP, and make sure the QR code is large as possible. If you are unable to process the QR Code or Printed Paper You will only need to present us your id, as we will look your information in our database.


Take these steps on how to PURCHASE Tickets Today: -Facebook Method- STEP 1: CHECK the calendar under 'Events' TAB and or the 'TOUR' TAB and selecting the bar crawl you're interested in STEP 2: You're presented with our facebook page Followed by the events tab. STEP 2: Once you see the crawl you'd like to attend select the page and you will be presented with selecting the 'blue highlighted GET TICKETS button' once selected you will be PURCHASING THE TICKETS for that event. STEP 3: RECEIVE AN EMAIL RECEIPT OF PURCHASE STEP 4: ENJOY THE CRAWL! -Eventbrite Method- STEP 1: CHECK the calendar under 'Events' TAB and or the 'TOUR' TAB and selecting the bar crawl you're interested in STEP 2: You're presented with our Eventbrite page STEP 2: Once you see the crawl you'd like to attend select the page and you will be presented with selecting the 'Green Highlighted TICKETS button' Once selected you will be prompted of PURCHASING THE TICKETS for that event. STEP 3: RECEIVE AN EMAIL RECEIPT OF PURCHASE STEP 4: ENJOY THE CRAWL! Purchases made from either source will be made through our ticketing system, Eventbrite. If you have any questions or are in need of assistance please email us at:

I cannot find my email with my purchase? Please help.

NO WORRIES! AS LONG AS YOU PURCHASED A TICKET FROM OUR WEBSITE YOU WILL SHOW US YOUR ID AT REGISTRATION AND OUR STAFF WILL USE THAT TO CHECK YOU IN! You may also check your spam folder just incase and or downloading the Eventbrite app and checking into your account to find the information needed

What if I'm late to the Event?

If you are unable to make it during the check-in time, give a friend your ticket information and or the QR code and have them check it in for you. As Bar Crawl Unlimited, we will collect your ticketing information in return you will receive a wristband towards the event, optionally any other crawl materials needed for the checkin. ( I.E V.IP - Cups, Koozies, T-SHIRTS etc. ) Late check-in is not permitted. No refunds will be given for late or missed check-ins for the event.

Are tickets available at the door?

As long as, you're within the registration time frame between 2pm to 4pm and that the crawl isn't sold out of tickets, you may purchase tickets that are available at the door on the day of the event; cash preferred, card accepted.

The venuse stopped participating, what do i do?

We start releasing venues a few weeks after the event is made and or before the day of the crawl. AS Bar Crawl Unlimited, we confirm the venues BEFORE WE POST THEM. The After Party location may or may not be released until the week of or the day of the crawl. As Venues are subjected to change, we reserve the right to add or remove venues at any time. We don’t physically own any of the venues, so if anything happens, please keep this in mind as we're doing our best handling the event, when and or if a venue backs out. Thank you for your understanding!

What and Where are the Drink & Food specials?

We try our best to get you the best food and drink specials for you the day of our crawl with the participating bar list on time and available. If you see one of our events that says 'specials are pending' or 'TBA' that means the venue hasn't confirmed their specials with us. HOWEVER we're patiently waiting for the venue to reach out and LET US know about their specials before the day of the event. Please stay updated within the week for any new updates of the event. Drink and food specials are subjected to change. As we typically finalize the participating bar list and their specials within the week of the event and it's very common that we're even updating and adding specials the night before and the day of the event.

When will more photos be posted?

Once our photographers receive more information, we will upload the photos the day of the event or week of the event on our social media. Feel free to tag yourself and your friends while sharing the album! If you enjoyed the bar crawl we organized for you!

Why can't I find this event on your website?

At this very moment if we run into any technical difficulties or run a little behind - Don't worry! if you do not see the event directly on the website, we're doing our best to settle the issue. We're not affiliated with any other bar crawl besides our own followed by Bar Crawl Unlimited. Please visit our Eventbrite page to find out if our events in your city/state!

How do i work/volunteer for this event?

If you are interested in working for one of our events Feel free to give us an email at

Company Policy and Terms of Service?

THE TICKETS ARE NON - REFUNDABLE, BUT THEY ARE TRANSFERABLE THIS MEANS THAT YOU CAN GIVE AWAY OR SELL YOUR TICKET TO ANOTHER PERSON IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE EVENT OR DO NOT WISH TO ANYMORE. EMAIL US WHEN YOU SELL YOUR TICKET WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER AND THE PURCHASERS INFORMATION SO THAT WAY WE CAN UPDATE IT ON OUR END. All sales are final, NO REFUNDS. Events will progress regardless of weather conditions EVENT IS 100 % RAIN OR SHINE! By purchasing a ticket or receiving one from us, you agree to allow us to use your email and phone number for the current and any future events we may have. By attending to one of our events, you agree to let us use any photographs or videos captured for marketing and promotional purposes only.

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